A wide range of banking

Today, credit card in Belarus is not more than 30 minutes, and all you need is your passport
A wide range of banking products and services allows potential customers to take advantage of their offer at any time. For example, a product like plastic Bank card – an indispensable attribute of a modern person. It’s very convenient to have in possession a plastic card with a certain amount of money. Today to pay with the such things can be anywhere – in the store, the restaurant, in the cinema, in entertainment establishments. This versatility of plastic has made it the most popular among consumers.

Basically understanding people Bank card is a credit card. And this is so, because now it is possible practically in any Bank of Belarus to take the credit card, filling out with the required money limit. The same card may act as a salary. In many European countries and in the USA all plastic called credit cards, although in essence they may not provide opportunities to its owner to take money on loans. It’s an established idiomatic expression, which “goes to the people.”

In Belarusian banks to issue plastic card to each adult citizen. But the credit card can only be issued to those who will confirm to the Bank solvency. Today the majority of banks simplify procedure of registration of credit cards for many potential and regular customers. This is because financial institutions today are focused on making a profit from the provision of credit. The interest on the loan can exceed the bounds of reason, however, for many, the convenience and the possibility of credit card use above all else.

Another new direction in the activities of Belarusian banks is to grant credit cards online. This should give the financial institution the following documents:

filled out application form to receive credit cards;

You really don’t need anything else. There is no need to submit an income certificate from the place of work or to take sureties – just your passport (if the paperwork online you need a scanned copy of the document) and desire. The process itself is fast enough for your application to be considered the employee of the Bank will require from 15 to 30 minutes. Earlier about such a short period of waiting could only dream of. The credit limit will be installed on standard or required level. If you have a need to raise this strap, you can apply to increase the credit limit.